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Nail bracing in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Casuarina, Palmerston, Moil & Rosebery.

Darwin Foot Clinic restores the natural shape of your toenails. A pain-free solution to ingrown or curved nails. Darwin Foot clinic is one of the very few clinics qualified to brace nails in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Casuarina, Palmerston, Moil & Rosebery.

Nail Bracing in Darwin

Improve your nail bracing with a professional podiatry clinic.

A nail brace is a small device that is carefully attached to the nail to elevate it and remove the pressure from the underlying skin. At Darwin Foot Clinic, we provide numerous types of braces, including Podofix, COMBIped and 3TO, all of which are known to produce cosmetically pleasing nails within a short period of time.

Over time, the nail shape and strength is restored and the skin is able to accommodate the nail again, which reduces the chances of it becoming ingrown or curved in the future.

Darwin Foot Clinic specializes in nail braces treatment in Darwin, Humpty Doo, Casuarina, Palmerston, Moil & Rosebery.

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At Darwin Foot Clinic, we have expertise in multiple disciplines and we utilise modern and innovative techniques to make a positive change in your life. Call us for professional Nail Bracing Treatment Darwin, Humpty Doo, Casuarina, Palmerston, Moil & Rosebery.

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Who are the Candidates for Nail Bracing?

If you dont want to undergo nail surgery, nail bracing might be the option for you.

We recommend this treatment for patients who have ingrown, infected, deformed or curved nails. Without intervention, your toenail may become infected and inflammed, which can cause significant pain and further complications.

Get in touch with our professionals for a checkup to see if you qualify for this treatment.

Your recovery is our priority!

With over 15 years experience, Darwin Foot Clinic offers high-quality orthotic devices that help prevent, correct and relieve discomfort and pain.

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